Australian writer says space is a member of Asia and western commercial companies

An opinion piece by Australian writer John Birmingham published on December 17, 2013 inside the Brisbane Times comes with a hint of how the landing in the Chinese Chang'e 3/Jade rabbit has been seen in countries away from China and also the United States.
Birmingham understands that Chinese moon landing to be a significant and largely positive development, albeit not for America's own space agency.
'Significant since it marks the arrival on the emerging Chinese superstate within the highest frontier; as it throws into sharp relief the retreat from the US from space; and as it presages a whole new realm of competition between Beijing's massive state supported space program plus the growing band of private, western firms trying to extract value from cold rocks inside sky.'
In plain english the new space race will probably be between China along with a bevy of western businesses like SpaceX, Planetary Resources, get more info and Golden Spike, amongst others. This is actually, despite Birmingham's assessment, a potentially bad situation.
The reason things could turn ugly is the fact China has got the military muscle of your government to back its space ambitions. Without their unique nation state to back them up, a team of commercial miners about the moon, say, could be out of luck if China chose to jump their claim.
Birmingham is appropriate that NASA is usually a captive to crazy politics. But it needs liberating unless one desires that China becomes the dominate space power within the planet, thus taking possession with the future.
Ironically Birmingham is most beneficial known within the United States as being the author of any trilogy of alternate history novels the location where the United States is destroyed by an to date unknown entity.

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